Transmission additives: features and advantages

Transmission additives

Transmission additives: types, uses and benefits of tribocompositions (tribotechnical compound)


Transmission additives are an important component that can significantly improve vehicle performance and extend the life of the vehicle. They can be used in both manual and automatic transmissions, and each type has its own features and advantages. One of the most effective additives to date are considered to be the most effective additives tribotechnical compound.

Types of gearbox additives

Additives for manual transmissions

Manual transmission additives are designed to improve transmission performance. They can reduce friction, reduce wear, improve lubrication, and provide smoother shifting. Some of the additives for manual transmissions include anti-seize additives, anti-wear additives, additives to improve lubrication, and additives to improve clutch performance.

Additives for automatic transmissions

Automatic transmission additives also provide a number of benefits. They can improve transmission performance, reduce friction and wear, improve lubrication, and provide smoother shifting. Some of the automatic transmission additives include anti-seize additives, anti-wear additives, lubrication enhancement additives, and torque converter enhancement additives.

Why you should use gearbox additives

Transmission additives can greatly improve the performance of a vehicle. They can reduce friction and wear, resulting in longer transmission life. Additives can also improve lubrication, resulting in smoother shifts and less chance of transmission problems.

Application effects

Depending on the type of your transmission, you can use the compound for manual or automatic transmission.

Using the additive will:
– Easier gear shifting. Thanks to the optimization of clearances in the manual gearbox it becomes easier and more accurate to shift gears, and in the automatic transmission at the same time provides working oil pressure, which reduces the probability of shocks and jerks when shifting gears;
– Reduce noise, hum and vibration. Optimize clearances and rebuild bearings to reduce extraneous noise. The gearbox starts to run quieter;
– Extend service life. Transmission additive helps keep a dense layer of gear oil on component surfaces, which reduces friction losses.

Choose a manufacturer that provides all of the above effects and your car will serve you for many years without breakdowns or repairs.

Analyzing the manufacturers will help you make the right choice.

When additives replace a trip to the service station

Using transmission additives can replace a trip to the auto repair shop in some cases. If you have minor transmission problems, such as noise or sloppy shifting, an additive can help solve these problems without having to go to a car service. However, it’s important to remember that additives can’t solve serious transmission problems, in which case you’ll still need to call a professional.

Why tribocompositions (tribotechnical compound) do the best job

Tribocompositions are a type of additive that utilizes tribology technology to improve transmission performance. They provide excellent lubrication, reduce friction and wear, and can improve overall transmission performance.

Tribocompositions offer several advantages over other additives. They can provide longer transmission life, improve transmission performance, and reduce the likelihood of problems. In addition, they can be used in many different types of transmissions, making them a versatile solution for many vehicles.


Transmission additives are an important tool for keeping your vehicle in good condition. They can improve transmission performance, extend its service life and even replace a trip to the service station in some cases. Among all additives, tribocompositions stand out especially because they provide excellent results through the use of tribology technology.

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